Community Comes Together After Tragedy Strikes

Blacksburg, VA (WVLT) The impact of the Virginia Tech massacre reaches far beyond the edge of campus.

Volunteer TV's Mike McCarthy had a chance to talk with business owners in Blacksburg about how they're trying to give students the love and support they need.

Everyone on and off campus is still trying to understand how this small town became the home of the worst shooting in U.S. history, but everyone also wants to help put it back to the way it was before the tragedy.

Henry Wakley doesn't just deliver flowers each day.

He describes it as,"an act of love from people."

Love hand delivered where it is needed most.

"A lot of them are going around campus and to hospitals and stuff."

The town of Blacksburg, torn apart by tragedy, is now trying to band together.

Love and support hang in the windows of downtown businesses telling students they are not alone.

Jamie Radford, who works at a SunTrust bank there says, "we are such a small community, we know so many students and we want to help them get through this tough time."

Radford says his ears and heart are open to any student in need.

"We just know so many students. They come in here all the time to chit chat. The most important part is that they know we are here for them."

Back on the delivery route, another bouquet is ready.

Wakley says, "it is about the thought, it is about the people sending them."

To help the community heal.

The downtown merchants in Blacksburg are trying to organize events off campus to help students deal with their grief.

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