South Knoxville Neighborhood Remembers Mary Winkler

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Knoxville (WVLT) --Today would have been Mary and Matthew Winkler's 11th wedding anniversary.

Mary was born in Knoxville on December 10, 1973, grew up in the Arrowhead subdivision, and attended South Doyle High School...

The world now knows her as Mary Winkler, but many in the South Knoxville neighborhood where she grew-up refer to her as Carol or Mary Carol, and the maiden name of Freeman.

Diane Shular grew up just across the street from Mary, and painted a very different picture of her than people who have not met her are use to.

"Very, very sweet individual we always called her Carol," Shular said, "very shy, quiet. Her and her younger sister Patricia used to come over and play in the yard with us."

Eugene McCammon lives across the street from the Freeman home and followed the trial with neighborly interest. He says when Mary was on the stand she acted just like she always has.

"Her demeanor you know with her head down a lot and talks softly," McCammon said, "She didn't rant and rave or anything like that. Apparently that really had an impact on the jury."

Disbelief and sadness of the entire chain of events still echoes along Frontier Trail.

"I didn't really talk to her a whole lot while she's been married," Shular said. "I just know the character of Carol and what a sweet person she is and watching her grow up, it's just a very sad situation."

Eugene McCammon told us he thought that first degree murder was a little strong.

"I was a little bit surprised that it was manslaughter," he said, "but after I read something in the paper this morning about the definition of manslaughter where these violent acts can take place in just a moment of passion of some kind ,then i thought, well, I guess that fits what maybe the jury thought."

"My heart does go out to her and her family," Shular said, "it's a very sad situation."

Clark Freeman, Mary Winkler's father, took time to visit with Volunteer TV News this afternoon, however we have honored his request that we not film him or his home.

He told us that there is a long way to go in all this and that he will talk when the time is right.

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