Round Up: East Tennessee Health News

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Here is a look at the Health News for East Tennessee.

Season Flu The Coop

For the 2007-2008 flu season U.S. health officials expect to have a record number of vaccinations to distribute. They believe there will be at least 132 million flu shots available.

Based on demand over the past few years, Knox County health officials have ordered 8,000 shots for the upcoming flu season.

In recent years, the government has recommended more people get vaccinated.

The flu kills an estimated 36,000 Americans every year, and sends another 200,000 to the hospital.

Drinking Hurts The Heart?

Some consider college partying a rite of passage, but according to a new study, heavy drinking may have lasting effects on the heart.

Researchers tested college students and found those who drank a lot had higher levels of C-reactive protein. It's believed the blood marker can increase future risk of heart problems. Kids who drank moderately actually had low and healthy levels.

Worth Its Salt?

If you cut out the salt, you may be helping more than just your blood pressure.

A new report found consuming less salt may reduce the risk of heart disease, overall.

Participants in the study who reduced their sodium intake by 25 to 35 percent lowered their risk of total cardiovascular disease by 25 percent.

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