Local Memorial Service For Virginia Tech Victims

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Meanwhile here at home, songs, prayers, and love are on their way to Virginia Tech from East Tennesseans tonight.

Volunteer TV's Mike McCarthy went to a concert at the Faith Promise Church, where they paid a musical tribute to those on the school's campus.

The Michael Merritt and Crew band concert was planned long before Monday's massacre, and with prayers and worship already underway, organizers say it was the perfect time to pause, reflect, and remember Virginia Tech.

"Lord, I lift your name on high!" the band sang.

But for Virginia Tech alum, Pete Lotts, it was the lifting up of Virginia Tech that stirred the most emotions.

"I just think its' fantastic that they thought to perform it as part of this recording session," Lotts said.

Christian recording artist Michael Merritt and the Crew Band dedicated part of their concert to the families and victims of the worst shooting in US history.

"It's happened. It's painful. Let's walk through this valley together, and that's how we're going to make it," Merritt said.

Hands raised and hearts open, they prayed for every affected by the shooting.

"We pray that you wrap your loving arms around them and comfort them in this tragic time," Marci Lotts prayed.

One by one, audience members hand wrote prayers and placed them into baskets. Their next stop is the hands of those at Virginia Tech.

"We didn't want the people in Virginia to go through this alone, and that's what this says. That's what it's all about. We want to cry with you," Merritt said.

A message that Merritt expressed in a song meant to open listeners to share their grief.

"We one weeps, we all weep. When one rejoices we all rejoice. We are a family," Merritt said.

A family in Knoxville sending words of hope to families devastated by loss.

"All the Virginia Tech people, alumni, students, families, everybody will survive this and overcome this because of friends who step up," Lotts said.

Tonight it was a step up in prayers. Both written and sung for a campus in need.

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