KCSO Goes Fishing For Bass

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Lenoir City (WVLT) -- Hooks, worms, and fishing lures. Not necessarily the tools you'd think law enforcement would use to keep kids from drugs.

Volunteer TV's Mike McCarthy has details on how the Knox County Sheriff's Office fired up some bass boats today to raise money for the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program.

The boats are back, but unfortunately for Dustin Moneymaker and his dad it just wasn't their day.

"We didn't really catch anything," Dustin said, "we had a few bite, but we had some motor problems so we decided to call it an early day."

The Moneymakers and more than 70 other avid fishers spent most of the day on Tellico Lakes for the Third Annual Knox County DARE Bass Tournament.

"We use the proceeds from this to help buy any supplies and materials to help augment the Knox County DARE program," said Capt. Brian Stannard
from the Sheriff's office.

DARE officers see more than 30,000 Knox County Fifth and Seventh grade students each year, and today's goal was to catch a fish so deputies don't catch a kid mixed up with drugs later.

"If we can prevent drug abuse we can do a tremendous amount to head off crime," He said.

More than a dozen companies sponsored the event. Each team also had to pay a 60 dollar entry fee.

The sheriff's office also sold chips, soft drinks, hot dogs and hamburgers, with all the proceeds going to fund the DARE program.

In total they expect to reel in more than four thousand dollars, not a bad catch for a single day.

"When you hold a golf tournament, which can be successful it seems like every week there's one," Stannard said, "So instead of being in competition with them, we tried to think of an outdoor alternative."

Even though the moneymaker's poles came back empty, it wasn't a total waste of a day.

"It's always fun to go out and fish," Dustin said, "but at the same time we're doing it for a good cause."

A cause that already has them waiting to bait their hooks again.

The tournament's top prize was a thousand bucks.

The Sheriff's office plans on holding the bass tournament again, same time next year.

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