TVA Considers Increasing Rates

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Knoxville (WVLT) - The cost of your electric bill could soon go up, but then again, it could also go down. The Tennessee Valley Authority says it's all up to you. The TVA held a public meeting Monday to discuss it's plan for the next ten years.

Sandra Dimick and her husband, David, are curious.

"I'm very interested in what TVA has planned for the next few years." Sandra Dimick says.

And what the Tennessee Valley Authority has planned could save you some cash. It just depends on how much energy you use during "peak times"...or simply when everyone drains the power lines.

"When you're using power off peak, and it costs less, you'll end up paying less. When it costs more, if you're using it on peak, you'll pay more," Anda Ray.

Right now...TVA charges a flat rate for electricity...about 7-cents per killowatt hour. The same price all day long.

"But the costs of that power at different times of the day costs differently," Ray says.

So TVA has proposed a higher price for energy when it's used the most...

"It's in the morning when everybody turns on their coffee pots and turns on their lights, and gets ready to go out for the day, and in the evening when they come home and do the exact same thing," Ray says.

...but it would cost less during the rest of the day.

TVA says it's a way to try to save everyone some money.

"You energy would cost less, we don't have to spend the money or capital to build new generation assets," Ray continues.

How much less? It's hard to say.

"We would work with our distributors. So the exact numbers? We don't have those right now. It depends on how our distributor partners work with us and how we structure those rates," Ray says.

Still, the Dimicks say it's worth considering.

"I think it's a great idea, sure," David Dimick says.

"I don't think we all have to able to do everything we want to do right at the moment we want to do it," Sandra Dimick says.

An attitude that could save them, and you, some cash.

The idea's still very much in the planning stages. The TVA Board of Directors will meet on May 31st. Then, they'll make revisions to the proposed plan and vote on it. If they approve the plan, the rate changes wouldn't be immediate.

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