Teacher, 15 Year Old Discovered in Illegal Strip Club Raid

Chattanooga (CBS) - An ordinary police raid against a Chattanooga nightclub has become a major story that spans at least three states.

After several months of undercover work, area police converged on the city's Club Coffee last Friday.

Some of what they found inside was a 15-year old runaway from Miami, Florida working as an exotic dancer, illegal drug and liquor sells and a moonlighting teacher from suburban Atlanta, Georgia.

"When we made entry we found 12 to 15 strippers in various states of undress, customers with alcoholic drinks, a full bar going, stage with money all over it," says one undercover officer.

"They started out flying under the radar as a dance club," the officer says.

"A friend of mine, someone actually came up to her with a flier and they were you know saying, here's this flier we're looking for new dancers," UTC student Jennifer Thomas says.

More than nine people were arrested in the raid, but one of the big issues Club Coffee owners will face is that the business was not licensed as an adult entertainment establishment and that as many as 12 to 15 dancers were found without any clothes.

Convenience store clerk Mystical McGee lives behind Club Coffee says she knows some of the dancers. But once Ms. McGee started hearing about the multiple police charges she says she plans to move from her apartment.

McGee says, "I have three small children, and if it's already that close to my home who's to say they aren't going to bring it closer than it already is."

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