Shoppers Gear Up for Sales Tax Holiday

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Ready, set, shop.

Starting Friday, you can save more than just a few pennies at the cash register.

That's because this weekend only will be special sales tax holiday in Tennessee.

Volunteer TV's Mike McCarthy hit the stores to find out what you can buy sales tax free

This sales tax holiday is similar to one we saw back in August.

It covers mostly school supplies, clothes, and computers.

The Department of Revenue says you're getting this extra bonus tax break because of careful budgeting in the statehouse.

Connie Noland's shopping for birthday cards today, but come this weekend, "In between baseball games, I'm gong to try and pick up some shoes. I have three boys, and pick up some shorts to get us through the rest of the school year."

And for Noland, and you, those buys will come sales tax free.

This weekend only you'll get a special-one-time tax holiday at the cash register.

The catch, each item you buy must be less than 100 bucks.

And it only covers certain goods, mostly school supplies, clothing, and computers.

But those limitations won't slow shoppers down.

"I think you'd be crazy not to take advantage of a tax free weekend, especially when you have children. I think every penny counts," says Jocelyn Gunter.

And they can add up.

For school and offices supplies, you can get folders, papers, pens, and pencil sharpeners.

While the sales tax holiday covers most everything in this aisle, like erasers, it doesn't cover everything.

Mostly art supplies, like paint and paint brushes.

In terms of clothes, you can get shirts, pants and ties, all sales tax free, but most accessories like watches and purses are still taxable.

For the electronics lover, there's no sales tax on any computer $1500 or less, but you have to buy the whole thing. You can't get just a keyboard or mouse.

Also, computer software, printers, and MP3 players are all still taxable.

Savings that has Noland counting down the days. "Oh, always ready to shop!"

And ready not to put so much money in the cash drawer.

The Department of Revenue has set up a phone number you can call if you have questions when you're out shopping, that's 1-800-342-1003.

The sales tax holiday starts Friday and runs through Sunday.

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