Shooters On Loose, Witnesses Won't Talk

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Two men, believed to be involved in two different shootings in two days are on the loose, and one may be armed with a shotgun.

The concern here for police is they aren't getting much cooperation from the victims.

One was seriously hurt, the other's not talking.

Police stress they don't see any connections between the two cases.

Knoxville Police say there's a possibility that the victim in last night's shooting, Michael Glover, may not press charges.

"The victim's being a little less than forthcoming about the incidents that occurred last night," says Knoxville Police Spokesman Darrell DeBusk says.

It was on Schofield Street where Glover suffered a single-gunshot wound that authorities describe as "non-life threatening."

"This was not a random drive-by shooting. There appears to have been some previous contact-previous dealings between the victim and the suspect and this was just a continuation of that," says DeBusk.

Officials with the Knox County Sheriff's Office say there's no reason to think there's a connection with last night's shooting and the Tuesday night shooting of Edward Anthony Wilson at the Walbrook Studio Apartments in West Knoxville.

"We feel like it's someone he is acquainted with. He was able to provide us with a first name of the individual that had done it," says Lieutenant Mike Grissom, from the Knox County Sheriff's Department.

Grissom indicated that Wilson is in very critical condition and was able to give them the first name of Demetrius.

"We see more and more of this when it becomes apparent that there's some involvement with fire arms and drugs," says Lt. Grissom.

Knoxville Police and Knox County Sheriff's deputies say these were not random shootings.

But, it's true, two armed men are out there somewhere and police need your help.

Knoxville Police's Crime Tip line is 215-7212. Knox County's is 215-2243.

A reminder, you can give tips anonymously.

And we'll stay on top of these cases and let you know if there are any arrests.