Parents Unite Over Rezoning Issue

Knoxville (WVLT) - Parents are fed up with the Knox County superintendent's rezoning proposal, and Thursday a coalition of parents and community organizations got together to get a game plan ready for the board's workshop on Monday.

Tonight's about teamwork.

"We do not speak another word about our own school communities," Tamara Sheperd says.

Parents uniting to tell the school board what they want.

"I hope they vote "No" and go back and start again," Patricia Sullivan says.

"Get a "No" vote," Jennifer Moore says.

Only one board member attended the meeting... but parents say, that's okay.

"There are some things that need to be discussed amongst just parents and not always with them involved," Shari Rose says.

Parents are fighting for a right to participate...

"It's very frustrating for me and it's very frustrating for my children," Moore says. with hands raised, parents pledged to get involved.

"I'd like to see an overall citizen input into this," Rose says.

They say: the process is flawed, therefore the result is flawed.

"They've given us no alternative. If they'd come to the community and requested input to this... I don't believe any of this would have ever happened and it wouldn't be an issue," Sullivan says.

And while each parent has a different concern about rezoning...

"They grow tired of hearing us talk about my son's little league team, but these are assertions that we can make across communities and across school lines that will resonate," Sheperd says.

...this meeting promotes a partnership -- to approach the board, not as individual communities, but as one county with one voice.

Also at the meeting, a community planner, who spoke to parents about getting involved, not in just the issue at hand, rezoning, but in every future issue that effects the community.

A school board workshop is Monday, April 30th, and then the board votes Wednesday, May 2nd.

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