Tennesseans Shop Tax Free

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Pull out the cards and cash, Tennessee's special tax-free sales weekend kicks off Friday.

Volunteer TV's Kim Bedford takes us to West Town Mall where shoppers are saving and businesses are smiling.

No, it's not Christmas in April, rather, a one-time only sales tax holiday.

"It was worth coming out after working all night," Despite her lack of sleep, Jama Hinkle hit up West Town's Apple store. "I knew I wanted a notebook to go with my existing desktop, so I just waited until the tax-free weekend to save."

Hinkle's timing paid off and she saved quite a bit, "It's probably 100 bucks, maybe a little more than 100 bucks, actually."

"Wet Seale, American Eagle, Abercrombie," Teresa Lovell strategized her tax-free savings. "I brought my daughter out last night, so I made her go shop everywhere. We put everything on hold, so I'm coming back to get it while she's in school."

Picking up shoes, clothes, anything under $100, with the exception of computers under $1500.

"As retailers, we look forward to these types of weekends to help build, to make up for some of the times that we didn't do as well," says Melissa Nelson, from La Nique Shoe Store.

While the women are busy with their bargains, you'll find most men, like Jack McClain, on the couch. "I'm sitting, waiting on my wife to get ready to spend the rest of my monthly paycheck," he chuckles.

McClain's been waiting here almost two hours for his wife, but says it's worth it. "Prices go up, but our retirement checks stay the same, so anytime we get a break like this, awesome."

"According to the stores, I think we've saved about $56," Theresa says.

So what do you do with all the money you'll save this weekend?

"You could at least go out to eat a couple times for sure," Jama says.

"The money I've saved, I'm going to the grocery store," adds Theresa.

"A penny saved is a penny saved," says Melissa.

The sales tax holiday runs through Sunday at 11:59 p.m.

We had our first tax free weekend back in August. We're very fortunate for this holiday, for the longest time, Tennesseans had to go all the way to Georgia to shop tax-free.

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