What's In and What's Out This Prom Season?

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Knoxville (WVLT) - High school proms mean fun times with friends, and life-long memories, but let's be honest. For girls, it's all about the dress.

Volunteer TV's Mike McCarthy hit the stores to find out what your teens are wearing to have the time of their life.

High school senior Ashley Phillips picks up that final touch for prom night.

"Some earrings to go with my dress. I had everything else, but the earrings," Phillips said.

The perfect sparkle to show off her dress.

"Anything you can add to make that special touch...just right. It pays off in the end," Phillips said.

And in the end...it is all about the dress. This year simple and sleek was the way to go. At Bella Boutique in Knoxville, the big seller was this gold dress with a dash of dazzle.

"This dress is very easy to wear. Great low back, beautifully done, again, very easy. Not a lot of embellishment," Tom Buchanan from Bella Boutique said.

As was case for the last two seasons, blue and Fuchsia also were hits, but, bad news for red.

"Look for red next year," Buchanan said.

Of course, you've got to accessorize. Earrings, necklaces, and purses all had strong sales, but the bags aren't just for bling.

"All they use it for is to throw their cell phones, cameras, lipstick in there, and just leave it at their table," Melissa Moore from Bella Boutique said.

"But what about the guys? In the mix of all the dresses, poof, sparkling, and sequence, guys can feel like they're just arm candy, but fellas, you're more than just an accessory.

"They'll come in so they can get the right color to match up his vest or bow tie, or long tie, or whatever his accessory may be," Buchanan said.

It's Phillip's accessories that will her make her stand out, or at least her feet.

"I have light-up shoes. They're very cool. They light up when I walk, like blue, yellow, and green," Phillips said.

A fashion choice sure to grab attention, as soon as she walks in the door.

One of the biggest fashion faux pas this year was sequence beading, which was big a few years ago.

The effort to look great on prom does come with a price tag. Prom dresses average more than $300. Add in all the accessories, plus hair and make up, and most girls spend more than $500.

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