Safety City Keeping Kids Safe

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- Every kid looks forward to summer, that wonderful extended break from school. With such freedoms at such a young age, a bike bike is the transportation that can take them almost anywhere.

But Knoxville Police tell us the summer, a great time of freedom, can be the most dangerous time of year for kids, especially when it comes to their bicycles.

So today, Safety City hosted a bike fair, to show children how to avoid getting hurt when the streets are full of cars and other bicyclists.

"It's extremely important that they learn how to be safe," said Vicki Dagnan who is a Safety City coordinator. "They know how to protect themselves when they're outside. Whether they're playing in their yards, or if they're riding their bicycles to their neighbor's home.

Kids also could learn proper water safety at the miniature version of Knoxville, and they even got a chance to win a new bike.

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