Deputies Shoot Man in Knox County

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Mascot, Knox County (WVLT) - A Knox County man is in the hospital tonight after being shot several times by an officer.

More than 15 hours after the shooting and TBI Supervisory Agent in Charge Bob Denny still has not returned any of our calls.

So we do not know who was shot or why police were chasing him in the first place.

What we do know from the Grainger County Sheriff's Department is they were involved in a pursuit with the man that began in Grainger County and ended in Knox County on Howell Road.

They say an officer fired at the man, but he then ran on foot.

"I heard 7-9 gunshots. I jumped out of bed and woke my husband up, telling him there's something going on," Kim Holden says the shooting took place practically in her backyard, right next to her family nursery. "Terrified, because I think there were probably 30-40 police officers on scene and helicopter also."

Holden says she's not sure why the man was running from police, but he would often visit her brother here where his pickup truck crashed. "He lives in our neighborhood. We do know him and he seems like a very nice guy."

The Grainger County Sheriff's Department says the vehicle pursuit began in Grainger County and ended here in Knox County when the shooting from the officer began.

"I was sort of terrified that the officer came on someone else's property and started shooting," Holden says.

But several rounds didn't stop the man.

"There are footprints here and looks like maybe he struggled to get up the bank," Holden says. "I'd say this is probably where he exited out."

Tina Davis, with the Knox County Sheriff's Department, was off duty inside her home here last night, when she says the man came to her door and told her he was running from police. She says that's when she said, you're going to jail, flagged down officers, and the arrest was made.

Holden says what scares her and the rest of the community most, is the possibility of another dangerous man roaming their neighborhood. "The police officers had said that there were two men in the vehicle and they couldn't find the other person that they were on foot. And we were scared to death that if somebody on foot, maybe they had a weapon."

TBI has also not gotten back to us about the possibility of a second man involved in the pursuit, who could be on the loose as we speak.

Neighbors say they're all going to be a lot more cautious from now on and are still waiting for more information to be released about this.

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