Parents, School Board Discuss Rezoning at Workshop

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Knox County school board members compare notes while parents use one last opportunity to try and get their messages across. Parents are asking the school board to go back, re-study the data available and come up with another plan to fill Hardin Valley High School.

"Undeniably schools are the life blood of our communities," the parents say.

Parents say that's why they are fighting so hard to keep them intact.

"I have four children, they're all feeding into Farragut High School one day and they're going to disrupt all that," Jeff Guidish says.

Board members offered amendments...

"To keep the Springhill neighborhood in the Fulton High School zone," parents continue.

Then parents had a chance to chime in...

Most held signs supporting a "NO" vote -- but one sign stood out... supporting the re-zoning proposal -- not a popular stance on this popular issue.

"I'm not understanding why the school board didn't go to a consulting service as which the school board has access to, but they went on recommendations from MPC," Mike Alford says.

And those numbers are raising concerns on both sides...

"The school's going to fill up a lot faster than what they've said. They low-balled the numbers... they've use strange projection methods... they estimated very few students per house, much lower than has been seen elsewhere in the county," Gordon Michaels says.

Parents argue the board doesn't have enough information to make a solid decision.

"Hardin Valley is growing by leaps and bounds. In five - ten years they're gonna have to take these kids back," Jeff Guidish says.

Time will tell... but as parents voice various concerns... their message stands strong.

"Our message is that there's not that great of a need to be transferring so many people into Hardin Valley and to be doing so many of these re-zoning actions all across the county," Michaels says.

Forty parents signed up to speak at Monday's five minutes a piece, that's three-hours and 20 minutes. That is plenty of input for board members to consider as they prepare to make their final decision on Wednesday.

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