Parents Wait As Rezoning Decision Draws Near

Knoxville (WVLT) - The clock is ticking tonight for Knox County parents less than 24-hours before the school board decides if the rezoning plan is a go, or a no-go.

But on Monday night parents had one last opportunity to speak their peace, telling school board members to go back to the drawing board, before making such a drastic change.

It's down to the wire for parents wanting change in the current rezoning plans.

"I have four children, they're all feeding into Farragut High School one day and they're going to disrupt all that," says Farragut parent Jeff Guidish.

And school board members are weighing the options.

For moms and dads, making signs, even waiting in line to speak at the podium is a small price to pay, to sway school members not to pass the current plan.

"I'm not understanding why the school board didn't go to a consulting service as which the school board has access to, but they went on recommendations from MPC," says Bearden parent Mike Alford.

It's the growth in many of these communities that worry parents most, a fear that once their child gets established, another rezoning could be around the corner.

"The school's going to fill up a lot faster than what they've said. They low-balled the numbers; they've use strange projection methods. They estimated very few students per house, much lower than have been seen elsewhere in the county," says Gordon Michaels from Farragut.

The bottom line, many parents say the school board doesn't have enough information to make a decision that will affect the future of students and families for years to come.

"Hardin Valley is growing by leaps and bounds. In five, ten years they're going to have to take these kids back," says Guidish.

Again the school board will vote on that plan Wednesday night at the City County Building, that meeting begins at 5:00.

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