How to Protect Your Home From Break Ins This Summer

Knoxville (WVLT) - Two gunman are still on the loose after forcing their way into a South Knoxville apartment. Police say two armed men wearing motorcycle helmets assaulted and robbed two residents at the Crossing Place Apartments Monday night.

Police say the warm weather months are the peak season for home invasions and burglaries.

Authorities say our homes are more vulnerable this time of year ...higher temperatures bring us outdoors, or take us out of town on vacation.

And that can make our homes more inviting to burglars.

"Basically, we say you should harden the target, so do things around your home to enhance security," Captain Brian Stannard says.

Knox County Sheriff's Captain Brian Stannard suggests locking all doors and windows when you're away, even if you're just outside in the yard.

"While they're out back, sometimes someone's gone in the front door and is ransacking the residence," Captain Stannard says.

Thieves targeted Sara Eastridge's home in Northeast Knox County while she held a garage sale...a woman frantically asked to use her bathroom.

"Well, I think she wanted to get into my house!" Eastridge says.

Police warned Eastridge beforehand that garage sales often attract home invasion thieves.

"But it could happen to anybody, because it did happen to me," Eastridge continues.

Police say taking a few precautions could prevent thieves from targeting your home, especially during the high burglary crime months of July and August.

Install deadbolts on all exterior doors, and if you're vacationing, hire someone to keep the lawn mowed.

Keep shrubs trimmed so they don't cover windows, which would allow someone to break-in unnoticed.

Other tips to discourage burglars:

Keep shades and blinds in normal positions; put lights and keep shades and blinds in normal positions; put lights and radio on timers; have mail and newspapers picked up; and leave a car in the driveway.

"You want to try to make your house look lived in," Captain Stannard says.

Police also say pin your windows they can't be opened widely enough to climb through, and if you install a security system, use it as a supplement to your other safety precautions.

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