Niceley Neighbors Complain About State Legislator's DSL Access

Strawberry Plains (AP) -- State Representative Frank Niceley hasn't decided how he would vote on proposed cable competition legislation backed by telecommunications giant AT&T, but he really likes the high-speed internet access he gets from the company.

Some of Niceley's neighbors in Strawberry Plains are upset, though, about his access because they can't get it and believe he has gotten special consideration for being in public service.

Niceley, a Republican, said it sounds like some of his democratic neighbors are just trying to stir something up.

He has had a digital subscriber line (DSL) since 2005 when Bellsouth added a remote terminal near his home to boost d-s-l coverage.

Niceley is on the outer edge of his service area, meaning a dozen or so homes past Niceley are too far away to get the service.

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