Bear Caught in Trash Relocated

(WVLT) - Just last week Volunteer TV told you that forging bears were getting a little too close for some of your neighbors' comfort.

And as Volunteer TV's Gordon Boyd found out, Saturday, TWRA caught one in the act.

"It flipped over a dumpster, big dumpster, broke the lid on it there and spread trash," says Mark Clure with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

Experts say these bears are dangerous, especially since the late frosts have cut back on the berry crop.

"They can get the trash, get a meal. It's a lot easier than getting out and hunting for it in the wild," says Clure. "Leaving garbage out, food for 'em. Bears are getting in it. They get that easy food and start relying on it.

So, the TWRA has set up traps, and that's how they got this dumpster diver.

They say the bear is about 200 pounds.

It's the first bear of the season to be relocated.

Officers took him to a stretch of woods free of homes and cars.

They also tagged the bear so they can track him just in case he causes trouble again.

Most everybody knows not to feed the bears, but the TWRA has other ideas on protecting your trash from their prying paws.

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