Local Students Brighten Downtown Knoxville

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- Nearly two dozen teenagers are trying to brighten up downtown Knoxville with a mural.

The teens, all students from Austin East, West, Fulton, Central and South Doyle High School, picked up paint brushes and a history lesson this weekend.

"You just put some together and see what comes out," said on of the students.

A mixture of paint and history.

"The theme is music, and ties into music history in Knoxville," said Andrew Reseigh, a senior at Austin East.

Through Leadership Knoxville, these high school students came together to create a giant 8-by-20 foot mural for all of downtown Knoxville to enjoy.

"Our intention was to kind of represent social change in Knoxville," said Lauren Hulse, a junior at West.

After several history lessons, they've learned more than just how to paint a mural...

"I learned a little bit more in detail about just how Knoxville did get established as going from a small town to more of a publicized area," said Callie Farmer, a senior at West

"Take a look at the balcony and see what it looks like," local artist Kathy Wilder-Brown said.

Wilder-Brown is helping the project by guiding students through their ideas.

"It gives them a sense of pride in doing something for the community," Wilder-Brown said.

In just a few weeks, you'll see the mural on the AmSouth building in front of Krutch Park, and the students hope it sends a strong message.

"An inspiration filled with a little bit of hope," Farmer said.

"I hope it connects to them so they can feel or recognize some of the symbols that they've seen on here," Reseigh said.

"Think about what it means and why we did it, find meaning in it for themselves," Hulse said.

"We hope it will lift spirits," Wilder-Brown said. "It's not political, it's about music."

Music that has moved these young men and women to make a difference...

"This will touch people of all ages on a different level," Farmer said.

Their are some very talented students there.

A special unveiling ceremony for the mural will take place downtown at the AmSouth building on May 24th.

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