Rowden Ride For Breast Cancer

Knoxville (WVLT) -- Mayberry, bikers, and the battle against Breast Cancer may not sound like they'd have much to do with one another. That's where the Kim Rowden Memorial Fund takes over and ties them all together.

Today, nearly 100 bikers came out for the the Second Annual Rowden Ride at the Knoxville Harley Davidson shop on Lovell Road.

Among the entertainment was a group from the Andy Griffith Show Rerun Watchers Club, dressed up like their favorite TV stars with an authentic Mayberry police cruiser.

The fund's goal is to provide free mammograms to women who can't afford them.

"It is extremely important, number one that we get the word out that Mammograms save lives and number two, that early detection is the best prevention," said Beanie Cudahy from the Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center. "Women no longer have to die from breast cancer."

Last year's Rowden ride raised about $5000 for the fund.

You can find out more about the Kim Rowden Fund by clicking on the link below.

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