Parkridge Homes To Be Rebuilt

Knoxville (WVLT) -- Some historic East Tennessee homes are preparing for a face lift as they become reality television stars.

HGTV's "Restore America" program has partnered with Knox Heritage to revitalize two historic homes in East Knoxville.

Knox Heritage will use a $50,000 grant from the National Historic Trust to restore the two Parkridge area homes on Washington Avenue.

The homes were designed by George Barber, a well known designer from the late 19th century who specialized in late-Victorian period architecture.

Right now the homes have been completely gutted and will be restored by October.

"They have been condemned since in 1999 and before then, were really unpleasant sixteen units in these two houses," said Kim Trent from Knox Heritage. "So we're using this as a catalyst in the neighborhood, as well as a way to restore two historic houses."

An open house took place today for everyone to see the historic parts of the homes.

Knox heritage is in the process of finalizing budgets for a sales price.

If you're interested in placing a bid, call Knox Heritage at 523-8008 or visit the link below.

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