New Form of Meth Targeting Teens

(WVLT) - Police across the country are warning parents about a new form of meth that appears to target teenagers.

Users have nicknamed it "Strawberry Quik" and it's crystal methamphetamine flavored with strawberry.

Police say drug dealers are using it to make the drug more marketable.

They say it may mask the drug's bitter taste, but it's still just as dangerous and addictive.

Organizers of a new faith-based drug prevention group called "UNITE" in Southern Kentucky say so far, police have not seen proof that strawberry quick meth is showing up in East Tennessee or Southeast Kentucky.

But they are working to educate parents and teachers on the warning signs.

"Traffickers understand people are aware of the dangers of meth, so they have to come up with a new gimmick, because sales are down," said Liz Wilson, with Operation Unite.

Parents say the fact that drug dealers are changing things to market to a young group is frightening.

"Here's something new and I had no clue about it, somebody could have already offered this to my children," said Jill Lewis, a parent and teacher.

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