East Tennesse Couple Headed to War

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Jacksboro, Campbell County (WVLT) - The 1175th National Guard unit based in Jacksboro says good-bye Tuesday morning.

They'll meet up with the advance party that left Sunday for Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Then it's on to Iraq for the entire unit from there.

For many, this is their second tour of duty. For Sergeant Scott Bullman, it's his third. But this time, he has a partner.

In his heart, Scott Bullman's been an Army man for a long, long time.

"Ever since he was about five or six years old. The other two boys played Cowboys and Indians. He played Army man," says Scott's father, Homer Bullman.

In April, he signed a new recruit to the "Bullman Army".

"Two days and two weeks," That's how long Paula has been onboard with Scott. But she's been enlisted in the Guard for about fifteen years.

"We met in the Army National Guard. We became close friends, and we just thought we'd proceed, and we fell in love and got married. And we're happy," says Scott.

This military matrimony is off and rolling. Scott's a mechanic and Paula's a driver.

"Drive trucks, the great big ones behind you," Sergeant Paula Bullman says with a chuckle.

One-half of another 1175th marriage is staying home with the children.

"I think that's awesome. And you know I would like to go with my husband, too, but they picked me to stay back and work the adman part of the unit," says Krystal Kirby.

"Well, I think it'll be a lot better for both of us because we'll have one another's company. That's always good to have someone close that you can talk to," says Scott.

And it's not every soldier that takes along his wife to war and his own personal nurse.

"I just completed nursing school. I'm a nurse," says Paula.

Paula's new father-in-law's already making plans when the couple gets back home. "I don't know much about Paula except she likes to go four-wheeling, and she's going to have to learn to play football and fish."

And you can bet that Sergeant Paula Bullman is already looking forward to getting back home to East Tennessee.

The bus pulls out Tuesday morning from the armory in Jacksboro, and Volunteer TV News will be there bringing you live coverage all day Tuesday starting during the CBS Early Show.