Honoring A Fallen Hero

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Kingston, Roane County (WVLT) - It's been an emotional day for police officers across East Tennessee.

Peace Officer Memorial Week kicks off on Monday.

Friday blue ribbons were handed out.

You're urged to make your own, to honor police officers and remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for your safety.

One man, Bill Jones, died a year ago on patrol in Roane County.

“A mother’s heart never heals. Never. This is to long to have been year,” Mike Brown’s mother, Pat, finds peace when she visits his grave everyday. But her frustration burns.

“How do you do it?” Gordon Boyd ask Mrs. Brown.

“You show up everyday in court,” she says. “What else can you do right now?”

Exactly a year ago mike Brown and his friend Roane County Deputy Bill Jones died in what prosecutors are calling an ambush trying to serve warrants on Rocky and Leon Houston.

“That really takes the breath away for those of us that live in the community,” says Kingston Police Chaplain Reverend Larry Bolton.

“Mister Bill Jones was a good friend of mine. He was also my training officer,” says Roane County Sheriff Jack Stockton.

Of the dozens at Friday afternoon’s memorial service, few know that Rocky Houston claims that he and his brother are the “real victims”.

Three months ago, he claimed Brown and Jones fired 30 to 40 rounds at him, wounding him. But later another unknown officer tried to kill him, sticking a gun in his mouth to “cover the whole deal up”.

“There's something wrong when they are accusing everyone of being against them,” Brown says.

“Mister Bill Jones was one of the finest police officers I have ever met in my life,” says Sheriff Stockton. “Everyone of these women and men in uniform have made a commitment to the community with their lives.”

Emotions overcome Bill Jones’ family Friday. His pictures must speak for him. Justice and comfort may have to wait. But as one who lost her own husband more than 28 years ago, Patty Shubert Walden offers advice, “they need to let the community embrace them. The people the churches have really stood behind us.”