Family Friendly Fun this Summer

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Knoxville (WVLT) - The summer temperatures are here, and that means many families will be headed out looking for something to do.

Volunteer TV's Kim Bedford shows us what you and your children can do without the worry of alcohol being around.

Music fills Knoxville's visitor's center today, just as it does every day from noon to one. The children seem to enjoy the WDVX Blue Plate Special just as much as the adults.

"We love the family atmosphere," mother Jennifer Rudl said.

Jennifer Rudl moved to Knoxville from Florida with her three young children about a year ago.

"There's always something to do. Whether it be during the day or in the night, the festivals," Rudl said.

Rudl says she never has a problem finding family events around.

"We go to the park a lot. We come to the fountains here at Volunteer
Landing. We go to the zoo," Rudl said.

Volunteer Landing is actually marked alcohol-free.

"The simplicity of something like this is just perfect," parent Peggy Loflin said.

Peggy Loflin is cooling off here with her eight year old son and his three year old friend.

"We have the water gear, the beach gear. We're ready," Loflin said.

Loflin says she thrives on East Tennessee's kid-friendly features.

"We go to the zoo. We love the zoo," Loflin said. "Ijams Nature Center. Oh, not to be missed--shady, they have fabulous programs," Loflin said.

"We love the Oak Ridge children's museum," Loflin said.

In West Knoxville, you're bound to find something to do with the family at the Zuma Fun Center.

"We have go-karts, bumper boats, playland rides, mini golf," said Leigh Ann Gibson from Zuma Fun Center.

More than 70 different games inside, plus a pizza kitchen.

"It's a great place to come out with the whole family," Gibson said. "Everyone from two to 92."

There's also the botanical gardens or a riverboat cruise, and if you're on a budget.

"We've got the parks. Just throw a picnic lunch together," said Jill Thompson, Knoxville's Tourism Director. "You've got Fort Kid, where the kids can climb around on the jungle gyms."

"Kids are happy everywhere," Loflin said.

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