Mother Daughter Duo Celebrates Special Mothers Day

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Clinton (WVLT) -- For one East Tennessee family, today is more than a day to pamper Mom, its' a day to celebrate her survival.

Theresa Noe's year long victory over breast cancer.

Volunteer TV's Mike McCarthy tell us how the cancer was a chance to strengthen her bond with her teenage daughter.

Teresa Noe and her 17-year-old daughter are close.

We don't have anything that we don't do together," LeAnna Noe said.

Today they sat, arms around each other, at a Mother's Day church service. According to Teresa Noe, the last time they sat in the service, doctors had just made a discovery.

"They found cancer in the left breast," Teresa Noe said. "So within hours I was having a biopsy."

A battle with breast cancer that began a year ago this week.

"We were blessed enough that she didn't get real sick from the chemo," LeAnna said.

Though the Chemotherapy didn't make her very sick, Teresa did lose all her hair.

"She didn't want me to wear a wig." Teresa remembers, "she wanted me to go bald."

"I think when someone's gone through cancer and chemo and lost all their hair, fought through and made it they should be proud of what they've done," LeAnna said.

To prove that very point, two months ago LeAnna chopped off 12 inches off her own hair.

"After I cut it it was awful because I cried for two days," LeAnna said.

A sacrifice that gave her mom new strength.

"It let me know that I could lean on her," Teresa said. "Instead of me wanting her to lean on me, as the mother."

Now more than ever, the mother-daughter duo enjoys everything together.

Shopping, talking and even watching game shows.

"I really like Jeopardy," LeAnna said.

"She beats us most of the time," Teresa said.

"It's about half and half because it depends on the category," according to LeAnna.

But it was the two working together, and the faith they have.

"I say we because it was a family thing," Teresa said. "It wasn't just me, it was all of us, doing it together."

And that's what got Teresa back in the pew one year later.

"It's just a wonderful Mother's day," Teresa said.

A mother and daughter, bonded stronger than ever.

"She's just my mom," LeAnna said, "I love her, and she loves me."

Teresa says since she's survived the cancer, her daughter has helped friends who also have mothers going through chemo.

LeAnna donated her hair to the Locks for Love, a non-profit group that makes wigs for children who've lost their hair.

If she has the patience, she plans to donate some more hair, as soon as it's long enough.

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