Tennessee Lottery Picks 4 New Millionaires, 1 in Knoxville

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Knoxville (WVLT) - If you played the Tennessee Lottery's "Million Dollar Madness" game and you bought your ticket in Knoxville, double check your numbers, because you might be a winner!

The excitement has been in the air all day here at Sam’s Restaurant on Old Broadway.

They're all trying to guess who may have sold the winning ticket, but of course the bigger question is -- who bought it?

The game is called 'Million Dollar Madness’; four lucky people win a million bucks each.

It was a huge game, in fact tickets sold out!!

One of those winning tickets was sold right here at Sam’s, right here in Knoxville, but the winner hasn't come forward yet to claim the prize.

Either way, it's exciting for folks who work here.

The four big winning tickets are: 217282; 318396; 505390; 779-403.

And if you have the winning numbers, contact the Tennessee Lottery District Office Located in the Cedar Springs Shopping Center on Kingston Pike.

Visit the Tennessee Lottery website to see the rest of the winning numbers. The other three big winning tickets were sold in Manchester, Nashville and Old Hickory.

Have you checked you tickets? Maybe one of you won!

Tennessee Lottery District Office:
9298 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, 37922 [MAP]

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