Local Man Shares Personal Memories of Rev. Jerry Falwell

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Reverend Falwell was his pastor, his mentor and his friend.

Randy Rebold is president of Knoxville based Primary Focus, and he was at Dr. Falwell's side when he created the Moral Majority as Falwell came into prominence in the late 1970s and early 80s.

Volunteer TV's Jim Freeman sat down with him earlier today and has more.

For as sad a day as it is for Randy Rebold and the millions of others who also loved Jerry Falwell, the day also brings happiness.

"And so though, I selfishly am sorry for the loss, I could not be happier for him individually, because he's where I ultimately want to be and that's in the presence of the Lord," Rebold said.

As a major part of Falwell's "I Love America" rallies, it was there where Randy was able to bond with the Reverend.

"So that gave me the opportunity to travel very closely with Dr. Falwell during that time, and that's really when our bond and friendship was secured during that time," Rebold said.

One time when one of those rallies went sour, Randy was center stage and a convenient target for Falwell's sense of humor.

"In closing, I'm going to ask my son, Randy, to come close in prayer. They can't get him, but they'll get me right? And as I'm praying, I look out of one eye and there he is, sneaking away in his car and I'm there with all these students throwing eggs. He was a character. He had a great sense of humor," Rebold said.

Randy says he cut his teeth at Falwell's church and university, and that's where he got his vision for his life's work, and his payback plan is already in motion.

"And that's the greatest tribute I can pay to him is to continue serving as he taught me to serve and to reach out and boost and help people and try to be a positive influence in our community," Rebold said.

Randy considers himself an extended family member and will be in Lynchburg, Virginia with the rest of Jerry Falwell's family over the next several days.

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