Miraculous Miranda, Part 2

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Donna Renfro says she continually asked God for answers and she finally received them in an unlikely situation.

Donna Renfro had two children diagnosed with potentially deadly diseases. She had fought hard to get them the best medical care, but it was going to take a miracle to save her daughter, Miranda. The truth would be revealed while Donna was stopped at a traffic light one day in Jonesborough.

Donna says each time she prayed to God, asking for answers to heal her children, God told her the answer was within her. Her daughter Miranda's health was now in rapid decline from Cushing’s disease.

“But I told God and I think this is the key with Him, we believe for things, but we're not willing to put out our part. I remember I fell to a heap on my kitchen floor, praying and crying so hard for her, and I said I will do anything if you save her,” says Donna.

Soon after, Donna found herself stopped at a traffic light in Jonesborough. She was rear-ended and suffered a number of injuries from the car accident including whip-lash, bulging discs, and a host of other symptoms. But within days she was bed-ridden and her body was suddenly shutting down. This East Tennessee mom, with two terminally ill children, was also dying.

Thirteen-year-old Miranda recalls some long days. “There were days when mom would be in so much pain, and I'd be crying in my room. And wished I could have helped her but I couldn't.”

But in Donna's suffering would come answers. She was diagnosed with Chiari 1 Brain Malformation. The accident ripped ligaments out of her neck and revealed she was missing vertebrae. Her brain was sinking down into the base of her skull.

A medical breakthrough would allow Donna to have surgery, titanium rods implanted at the base of her brain. On the day of surgery, Donna was being wheeled into the Operating Room when more answers came to her.

Had she passed her genetic malformations onto her children? Before she could be put under anesthesia, Donna told her neurosurgeon about Miranda and Micah.

“He said, ‘you're right,’” Donna recalls. “And he said, ‘we can help them.’ So I said let's get this show on the road.”

While Miranda was in brain surgery, doctors asked her husband to sign off on paperwork that would allow treatment of the children to go forward. In fact, Donna and her children all had flattened pituitary glands, which was the root of all their diseases.

In December 2006, almost one year to the day of Donna’s surgery, daughter Miranda had a cutting edge procedure where doctors untethered her spinal cord.

Within weeks, Miranda’s symptoms went away. Fortunately, brother Micah does not show symptoms of his neurofibromatosis. Donna says she finally realized what God was trying to tell her, that she had the answers all along.

“He took me at my word, they found the truth in me to help her and she didn't have to go where I've been,” Donna says.

Donna's book is titled, "Miraculous Miranda." she is an ordained minister and continues sharing her experience with others.

Her family recently received news that her husband will be laid off this spring, news that would devastate most families, but the Renfro's are taking it well considering the road they've traveled for the past 8 years.

Donna Renfro will be signing copies of her book, 'Miraculous Miranda,' at the Jonesborough Visitors Center on May 22nd.