Knox County Students Talk About Attending New Schools Next Year

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Knoxville (WVLT) - This year's seniors are graduating as many of their high school classmates face major rezoning changes, and even some of their siblings heading to different schools

Volunteer TV's Whitney Daniel followed several families throughout the emotional highs and lows.

You can't look at the '06-'07 school year without thinking about re-zoning. It's an issue that has parents up in arms, and in the midst of graduation season, many parents don't want to see their younger kids walk across a different stage than the one their older siblings are walking across this year.

It's a walk full of pride and accomplishment.

"I'm a proud mom tonight, I really am," parent Delisa Boling said.

A walk that fills families with satisfaction.

"This is the big, big milestone when your son, your first child, you son, graduates," parent Beth Bledsoe said.

For many, graduation is a time to look back at the many memories made.

"When he put that tux on last week, he was the most handsome guy I've seen in my life!" Boling said.

"It's opened the door to climbing, it's opened the door to ROTC," Bledsoe said.

But, as they remember the past year, they think about what lies ahead.

"I want to stay at Karns. I don't want everyone to get split up," Karns student Maggie Bledsoe said.

But Knox County rezoning means just that. As one Bledsoe child graduates from Karns, the other is rezoned for Hardin Valley.

"I can understand her feelings of not wanting to go because she's already bonded and made lots of friends and a lot of her friends are in the Karns area," Bledsoe said.

Now as these families prepare to help their graduates start a new phase of life.

"He did get his Eagle Badge this year," Bledsoe said.

And the emotion that comes with it.

"We've been even closer, and it's going to be really tough to see him leave for so long," Maggie Bledsoe said.

"I have my camera and I have my Kleenex," Bledsoe said.

These parents know their younger children will have to take a different path to get to this point in their lives. Rezoning affects 10 of the county's high schools and begins with the '08-'09 school year.

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