Neighbor Charged with Running Over Teen

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Knoxville (WVLT) - It didn't take Knox County Sheriff's Deputies long to find the woman who allegedly struck a Bearden High School teen as he was chasing after the bus this morning.

Deputies were inspecting the suspect's vehicle, just minutes after the driver fled the scene.

As Volunteer TV’s Jim Freeman reports, police say the victim's neighbor was behind the wheel.

The SUV was driven by Carolyn Buzzeo.

She's charged with leaving the scene of an accident "with injury" and for passing a stopped school bus.

Sharon Rose drives bus Number 140, "and I turned around and looked and Alex was getting up off the ground, and I'm like "oh, my gosh."

The good news is that Alex Tarr is OK. "I scraped up my knees and my toe."

The bad news is, he was hit this morning while running to catch up with his school bus. And for an instant, it was quite a scare for his mom.

"Are you OK? How bad is it?" says Alex Tarr's mother, Sue Tarr

Alex is friends with his next door neighbor Carolyn Buzzeo, even mows her yard, but Friday's brush with her was a little too close for comfort.

"Well, I like mow her lawn for her sometimes and stuff and so, I mean like we know them. We're pretty good friends,” Alex says.

The Bearden High Sophomore meets the bus at the corner of Sanford Day Road and Mecklenburg Court. His bus driver says it's a dangerous spot. "The only danger, I think that it is, is for the crossing. When they have to cross that road to come to me, that's when it becomes a problem."

"Even pulling out there, I can't tell you how many times I've started and stopped and started and stopped because you can't see the cars even when they come over the hill or come up the hill,” Sue says.

Those in the West Hampton neighborhood know that luck may not always hold-out for those who cross traffic to catch the bus on this short cut road.

James Curtis, agrees, he lives on the same street as Alex, "we just ask people to watch for the school buses and when the sign says stop. Stop!"

Bus driver Sharon Rose told WVLT that it's not so much the kids or the school system or the busses as much as it is the people that are too impatient.

And for Alex, he tells me he'll be back mowing his neighbor's yard as usual.

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