Adult Business Draws Neighborhood Ire

West Knoxville (WVLT) -- There is new heat on a West Knoxville adult business already drawing its share.

The Adult Video Super Store sits close to a Mennonite Church, off Lovell Road.

Tonight, store managers held an outdoor cookout featuring a triple-x rated performer known as Lucious Linda.

There was no nudity, but neighbors claim the gathering takes the stores mature content off the racks and puts it into the community.

"There are thousands of children on a weekly basis, even a daily basis that go by here," said Cheryl Allmon, a concerned citizen and mother. "Between school buses, you have the Cellular One soccer fields, Premier Athletics, and the Episcopal School. You have all these children's facilities, and if this store were properly licensed as an adult store, it couldn't be here. "

Current laws ban new adult businesses from setting up within a thousand feet of churches, but this store set up shop, prior to that law's

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