Armed Forces Day at Home

Knoxville (WVLT) Our nation marks the third Saturday of every May as Armed Forces Day.

Today, on the nations 58th observance of the holiday, citizens celebrated it in a variety of ways.

Thousands visited Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland to watch the Army's Golden Knights parachute demonstration team.

A common commemoration on Armed Forces day brings buglers to veterans cemeteries to blow Taps, the somber tune played during military funerals.

In East Tennessee, vets and civilians gathered at the Tennessee Veterans Cemetery in Knoxville this afternoon afternoon to hear Bugles Across America.

Listeners provided a silent tribute to our fallen servicemen and women and to those still in active service.

Though of a younger generation, one performer believes he owes his participation to his family.

"Most of my family has been in the Armed Forces," said taps player James Korin. "My dad was in Vietnam, my mom was in the Corps of Engineers, and both my grandparents fought in World War Two."

Though Taps is traditionally performed on the bugle, the Veterans Cemetery performers played the solemn tune on trumpets, trombones and other brass instruments.

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