Anderson Residents Battling Coyotes

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Oak Ridge, Anderson County (WVLT) - Pets are vanishing from Oak Ridge neighborhoods and animal control agencies say more coyotes could be to blame.

Animal control agents call them urban coyotes. They'll pretty much come right up to your door but they are anything but tame.

Anderson county animal control officers get one to two phone calls a week about coyotes. Numbers they have seen grow over the past few years.

Coyotes have been spotted all across oak ridge in some of the most visited neighborhoods are on Melton Lake Drive.

It’s important to note coyote attacks are very rare. Tennessee wildlife officials say your kids are millions of times more likely to get attacked by a family pet, but coyotes do come to neighborhoods looking for something to munch on.

Officers say they come around for food in your trash cans but also for your pets.

Here's some tips to keep your yard coyote free:

  • First don't feed them, that only brings them back.
  • Eliminate outdoor water sources.
  • Coyotes attack animals coyotes prey on.
  • Tightly secure your trash can with a clamp down lid
  • Clear away brush and weeds that give coyotes a place to hide.

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