A Local Business Gets a Fresh Start

Knoxville (WVLT) - It's a fresh start for one local business. Tuesday, the Knoxville Beer Board approved the license for The Palace.

It's a new restaurant and pub opening up in the former Michael's location.

Owner, Lisa Smith, says she's very excited about the new opportunity and hopes to make a good impression on Knoxville with the establishment's menu and smoke-free dining room.

She also says she hopes the public won't compare her new place to Michael's and all the negativity that surrounded it's shut-down.

"We will take extra steps necessary to card. We will very well train our new applicants, even the old ones that maybe have an ABC card right now. They will all be required to go back thorugh the task class that's given through the Knoxville Police Department," Smith said.

Smith says she encourages old staff to apply and take the KPD Task Class.

The Palace opens June seventh.

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