Destination Imagination Comes to Knoxville

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Eighteen-thousand kids brought Neyland Stadium alive Wednesday night with cheers and lots of personality.

It's called "Destination Imagination" and Knoxville is hosting the global finals of the competition.

For the next two days, these kids will compete for top honors in several team challenges and all the fun begins Wednesday night!

They're putting their intellect to the test...

"We use our creativity to build things and do stuff, I dunno, it's fun!" Lacy Snapp says.

Many are keeping their masterminds protected by stars and stripes... pirate hats... jester toppers... and...

"Flying Ducks. You pull the string and the wing flaps and it makes a noise," Kara Botelho says.

Fun is the main theme... but smarts factor in, too.

"We have to make up a play and present it to judges," Tyler Detrick says.

But they don't call them that...

"Judges make people nervous so it's 'appraisers'," Savannah Shaker says.

First, each team solves a presenting a skit to the appraisers.

"The second thing you do is find out when you have your instant challenge," Shaker says.

It's a few days full of excitement... and Knoxville becomes the temporary home to thousands of kids from all ages... and all places around the globe.

"There's people here from different countries, so it's kinda cool to meet kids from Canada and China and stuff," Snapp says.

Providing the perfect excuse to make a new friend...

"The main thing is pin trading because we all have a different pin from different states and each team... and when we trade, we have memories from each of those people we met," Detrick says.

Everyone will meet right back here Saturday for the closing ceremonies where the winners will be announced.

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