Katrina Evacuees Lose Everything to Fire

(WVLT) - Disaster strikes twice to Hurricane Katrina evacuees...after settling here in East Tennessee, a family with five young boys has lost all their belongings for the second time, in a little more than a year.

Danita and Patrick Futrell are house hunting again...the uprooted couple from near Gulfport, Mississippi lost all their belongings in Hurricane Katrina.

"It's got two closets?" Danita Futrell questions.

A house fire at their rented home on Norris Freeway destroyed their efforts to rebuild their lives here in their adopted hometown.

"That house caught on fire Friday, and we lost everything in that house, so our luck's not been too good since Katrina," Danita says.

"Casey, I mean Cole, Casey," Patrick says.

With five sons ranging from six to 16-years-old, the Futrells are homeless, packed into a hotel room provided by the American Red Cross.

"I kind of have some hope that it's actually going to bring us closer together, you know," Skylar Dement says.

Sue Evans of Oliver Springs spotted smoke as she drove by the Futrell's house...she stopped and called 911.

"My house burnt when my baby was small...my baby was three weeks old, and I know how hard it is, and God just touched on my heart to help these people," Sue Evans says.

"She's been there through the whole thing. She's actually called us everyday, been real good to us," Patrick says.

Now, the family's first step to starting over again is finding a rental house they can afford, big enough for all seven of them.

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