Travelers Hit the Road, Despite Gas Prices

Knoxville (WVLT/AP) - It is Memorial Day weekend. The good news, interstate construction has been halted. The bad news, you're going to be sharing the road with hundreds of thousands of travelers.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation says despite high gas prices, Memorial Day travel is slightly up this year.

If you are heading out right now, things are moving along as usual. But as the day progresses, expect traffic flow to pick up.

Nationwide you're going to be sharing the roadways with 38.3 million Americans.

That's a 2-percent increase from last year.

Over 548,000 of those will be driving through the Volunteer State.

An additional 62,000 Tennesseans will be traveling by bus and nearly 74,000 by plane.

Gas prices are high: averaging $3.23 a gallon. But that's not expected to keep people from traveling. AAA has said it thinks people will still take their summer vacations, but will try to spend less on hotels and restaurants.

So what would make people change their plans?

A recent Washington Post-ABC News poll found that gasoline would have to reach $4.38 a gallon before Americans would significantly cut back on their driving.

If you are wondering about traffic in Tennessee, or even neighboring Kentucky, Virginia, or North Carolina, you can use the state’s 511 information line, which can be accessed by any cell phone or home phone.

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