Gas Prices Higher at Marina

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Norris Lake, Anderson County (WVLT) - If you think three dollars a gallon is high, just wait until you get to the marina. The price there just might keep you in dry dock!

Volunteer TV's Allison Hunt visited some marinas on Norris Lake.

Gas prices, a little more expensive on the water at about four dollars a gallon. Boaters will spend hundreds of dollars for a day on the water.

To save money, some people are cutting their activities short and others are just finding somewhere else to fill up.

It's a one stop shop for Brian Harrell. Food, drinks, ice and cheaper gas. "It's more convenient. It's a tad cheaper. I never go to the marina ‘cause it's a hassle."

As Harrell heads to the lake, he's at ease knowing he won't pay almost four dollars a gallon for gas.

But everyday, and especially this weekend, many will.

"Everybody comes and fills up there boats. People are paying 100, 150 dollars for a small boat,” says Patrick Boring at Stardust Marina.

Even though prices are high, the crew at Stardust Marina says they're expecting a busy holiday weekend.
"I think if people are paying 50 or 60 thousand dollars for a new boat, they're going to get gas, no matter what the gas price is,” Boring says.

Plus, most new boats have to use premium gas, which costs a little more and the bigger the tank, the bigger the bill.

"A lot of these house boats out here, they've got three or four hundred gallon fuel tanks, one time we put one thousand dollars in a single house boat,” Boring says.

But even small boats will spend a lot on gas, mainly because boats burn more fuel.

"They go through fuel a lot quicker than a car,” Boring explains. “I guess it's all the drag that the water creates."

Especially when you're tubing and idling while fishing, like Jack Wallin likes to do. "Reality smacks you right in the face, at almost four bucks a gallon."

Wallin will still fill up, but he'll spread out his trips to the pump. "We only got six gallons and it's 24 bucks, so I can do that probably three times. So three times 24... I don't want to think about it,” he says. "We'll just sit here on the deck of the condo, and watch everybody else spend their gas money out there."

When you're boat idles or it's pulling something, it will be burning more gas. The best way to save money is to do those things as little as possible.

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