Cemeteries, Florists Prepare For Memorial Day

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Knoxville (WVLT) Memorial Day, after all, is set aside to honor those who've died serving our country.

You may be among many preparing to visit a loved ones grave site.

The West Knoxville Florist is one of many shops prepping for Memorial Day Weekend.

Steve Boling is carefully clipping and arranging various floral pieces for grave sites.

"We have to produce quite a few of those because it's rather busy and it's a last minute thing for a lot of people."

Boling says they see a slight increase in Memorial Day arrangements every year, nearly 75 orders so far this weekend.

"A lot of the customers that come in are in the military and their fathers were in the military, so it's very important for them and for us to do it just like they would like."

Of course, the biggest request is red, white and blue flowers, but Boling says everyone wants something different and special for their lost loved ones.

"Some want yellow, some want blue, some want pink. It's just pure respect, respecting your elders and deceased."

New Gray Cemetery superintendent Bob Shultz says they're getting ready for the thousands of people who will pay respects to their lost loved ones with flowers and flags.

"All of our people have to be here to work and we have clean up to do. We've got the flags to get out."

"This weekend nearly 100 American flags will line the New Gray Cemetery, honoring those who've served our country."

Shultz says, "Memorial Day is a day when people come out here to recognize the service that the soldiers have performed."

Keep in mind, if you're planning on placing live flowers on a grave site this weekend, florists tell us the high heat and dry conditions most-likely won't keep them alive for more than 24 hours, they recommend artificial.

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