Cracking Down on BUI

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Norris Lake, Anderson County (WVLT) - Some say the lakes are like busy interstates once the weekend really gets underway.

If you don't visit the lake much, you may think I say DUI when I say BUI.

That's B as in boating.

Boating under the influence brings added danger to the lake especially on a busy holiday day weekend.

The boat-booze-heat combo is a menu for trouble.

"If you get out on a hot day the summer heat and sun, I mean its going to react with the alcohol to increase the intoxication level of the person,” says TVA Police Officer Tony Cody.

“There's really a lot of traffic and there's a lot of jet ski traffic. It’s a fun time, but really do have to be very careful,” says boater Vic King.

Boat highs, boats speed, youth, and not being familiar with the lake are other factors that enter into the lake safety equation.

Tony Cody also told us that there's no speed limit on the lake and aside from don't drink and boat wearing a life jacket is the number one priority.

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