Gatlinburg Offers Nearby Getaway

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Gatlinburg, Sevier County (WVLT) - With Memorial Day coming up and gas prices on the rise many people will be hitting the roads only using a tank of gas to get to their destination.

So if you're headed to Gatlinburg or Sevier County this weekend, what's something new and different to do?

But will you find a place to stay?

With pretty weather planned for the weekend many people will be heading to Gatlinburg for a great time.

But first you need to find a place to stay.

"What about Saturday night?”McLamb asks.

“Saturday night, no. Saturday night is full,” replies Shauna McCarter at Midtown Lodge.

Ok, well the weather's going to be great so maybe this will be a great campout weekend so surely there's a place at Elkmont. "Chances are near zero. We are booked for Saturday night and Sunday night,” says Charles Montgomery.

So if you haven't made reservations, finding a place to stay will be difficult. Many people are planning a day of it and there are always fun things to do whether it's in the mountains.

"Well, it's peaceful. It's quiet and it's just back to nature. There's a serenity in these mountains that I love,” says camper Line McCall.

But there's always something new to find in Gatlinburg.

If you haven't had enough of her, there's always the car that, just today, rolled into Hollywood Star Cars once owned by the woman who was famous for being famous.

"It's a 93 Jaguar XJS and it was owned by Anna Nicole. She drove it in Texas,” explains Cam Caton from Hollywood Star Cars.

Or at Ripley's Aquarium, their newest attraction is not under this world but out of it, called “Mars: The Search For Life."

And if the price of gas has got you down, Ripley's attractions is offering the Ultimate 7, a ticket that gives you more bang for your buck.

"They can buy one ticket that gets them into all six of the Ripley's attractions and go as many times as they want and the ticket is good for seven days,” Ripley’s Joel Young explains.

Officials with both the hotel and the campground say it's best when planning for the holidays to book your campground spot or hotel room weeks, if not months in advance to make sure you have a place to stay.

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