Memorial Day: Remembering American Heroes

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- For many, Memorial Day weekend isn't a time to celebrate, but a time to commemorate and reflect on the sacrifices that loved ones made for freedom and for country.

Volunteer TV's Kim Bedford joined some of them today at the Tennessee Veterans Cemetery.

"I'm lost, but this is where I come and find him," said Carolyn Huber whose husband Frank served in World War II.

The Tennessee Veterans Cemetery is a bittersweet place for many people like Carolyn who lost Frank at 78 years old, just two months ago.

"It's an ending and a beginning and this is a wonderful place to come and visit," Carolyn said.

Frank served in the Navy during World War II, and since his passing, Memorial Day now brings on an even greater meaning for Carolyn.

"It means America, it means everything," she said. "We honor our veterans."

"Everything's put in perspective of what all these great men and women do for the country," said Betsy Stansberry, the granddaughter of Bryan Frank Settle, a proud Marine who also served in World War Two and passed away this January. "This is where he wanted to be. He wanted people to know what he did and how he served his country."

"They did so much, they risked their lives for us," said Thel Martin whose husband John, a Vietnam Veteran, lost his fight with lung cancer about two months ago at the age of 54. "I miss him so much, he was just a great person and I just couldn't have went the day without coming out here."

While Thel and her son reflect on their first Memorial Day without John, they also stand in awe of every flag carefully placed for each veteran.

"Just honor, you know. It's just such an honor for them to do this," Thel said.

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