World War II Veterans Reflect, Remember

As we remember the veterans we've lost, some East Tennessee World War two vets are still among us to tell their stories today.
Volunteer TV's Kim Bedford caught up with several of them at the National Veterans Cemetery today.
These veterans are a rare find now-a-days because most of them served in the 1940's.
They have a strong outlook on Memorial Day, World War Two, and the war in Iraq.
"I served in 1945 in the Navy. I was in Japan."
"I was in the U.S. army 75th infantry division."
"I served in the 85th infantry division in Italy."
Several World War Two veterans at the national cemetery recall some of their most memorable war stories...
World War Two Veteran Gerald Clark says, "Most of us nearly froze to death, a terrible snow. It was 2-3 feet of snow and seemed like it snowed every other day or night"
World War Two Veteran John Strange says, "We had a lot of bombing going on."
World War Two Veteran Earl Bishop says, "A shell came over as close as where that man is over there, and I had gone to a restroom and came out, and they said, I guess Bishop's gone, but I wasn't gone."
92 year old Earl Bishop dodged the bullet and remembers today all of those who couldn't.
Earl Bishop says, "We pay honor to all those that have lost their lives and especially those that are still over in Iraq."
John Strange says, "The world's changed a lot in the past few years."
Many vets say they disagree with the war in Iraq right now...
Earl Bishop says, "I think it's a mistake to start with and I think we ought to get out as soon as we can."
"It's terrible that our country is being divided by this war."
81 year old Gerald Clark lost his leg in World War Two and is grateful he lived to celebrate Memorial Day today...
"It means memories, lots of memories of those who've gone before me."
John Strange says, "It means everything to us because it's our freedom."
All the vets we spoke with say unfortunately more and more people are forgetting about our fallen heroes, and they hope folks realize why we have so many of the freedoms we do.