Lonsdale Community Speaks Out

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Knoxville (WVLT) What are those who live in the Lonsdale area saying about the weekend shootings?

One resident told Volunteer TV that "it's not the people that live in the community. It's the outsiders that come into their development."

Volunteer TV's Jim Freeman talked with the president of the Lonsdale Tenant Association and has more.

Rosa Clark says the shootings scare her.

She and a friend drove back into their neighborhood just moments after one of the shootings.

"What happened out here shouldn't have happened. Because it's innocent people gettin' hurt and your property's being destroyed."

Bullet holes in her car have Rosa Clark thinking about the war in Iraq.

"He was here two weeks ago. He just left not too long ago back to Iraq fighting for our freedom and then all this."

Rosa often thinks about her baby brother, Staff Sergeant David Moses Clark, who's a career man in the Army.

Just a stone's throw away from her Minnesota Avenue home at New Gray Cemetery, others turn their thoughts to those who fought and died.

On this Memorial Day, those who live in Lonsdale are still talking about their rough weekend.

Clark says, "you never know what's gonna happen. It's best to be cautious. You know I'm lookin' out for my kids' safety and for my safety also."

Two people were shot, each in the arm, on Minnesota Avenue early Saturday morning.

Twelve hours later, another person was shot in the leg in a drive-by shooting on Texas Avenue.

Less than an hour after the drive-by, a minor was shot in the ankle on Natchez Avenue.

Clark says, "KCDC has to do something to insure the residents that live here."

Just as Rosa looks for answers from KCDC, neighbors will be looking to her for answers as their tenant association president in a special called meeting.

"Come Tuesday morning, I got to face these people. You know?"

Rosa hopes for a solution.

"Something's got to be done. This has got to stop. Enough is enough."

Rosa says she is calling on KCDC and Knoxville police for more help in her neighborhood.

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