Pagers Hope to Put an End to Rude Moviegoers

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Do you ever go to the movies and wish you could tape your noisy neighbor's mouth shut? Or how about silence someone's cell phone ringing in the theater yourself?

With Regal Cinema's new Guest Response System, moviegoers can take control.

Volunteer TV's Whitney Daniel explains how it works and puts the system to the test.

"We come probably once a week, sometimes twice a week," moviegoer Jim Ivey said.

Jim Ivey knows the annoyances that come with going to the theater.

"You get in to the theaters, and you have to get up and leave to tell somebody that the sound's not working or you're freezing to death in the theater or somebody's on a cell phone talking," Ivey said.

But a new system from Regal Theater's called the Guest Response System is cutting out the non-sense.

"It's convenient for them to just push a button and not have to go tell someone what's wrong with their movie," Regal's Associate Manager, Jessica Lee, said.

Box office employees randomly select a Crown Club Member for each movie. The guest then takes a pager into the picture with and has five things to look for:

"You press one for picture, two for sound, three for piracy, and then there's temperature and disturbance," Lee said.

Jim's becoming a Regal Crown Club Member so he can join in the fun.

"Once people realize there's a break in the system somewhere, we've got to learn to behave in movies, that would be beneficial," Ivey said.

When a guest pushes this button it sends a signal to the manager's pager letting them know exactly what's wrong in which theater.

An effort to reach "The Pinnacle" of the perfect movie-watching experience.

The pagers helped managers catch several people trying to record "Pirates of the Caribbean" on opening night.

Managers confiscated phones and cameras and even had to stand in the back of the theater because they were being paged so often.

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