Wednesday Night Churchgoers Pray For Rain

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Blount County (WVLT) - The severe lack of rain has Blount County farmers turning to. They're relying on faith to help them water their crops.

Members of the Friendship Baptist Church spent Wednesday night services praying for their neighbors who live off the land.

Volunteer TV's Gary Loe has more.

We're more than nine inches of rain below normal. So Wednesday night, Blount County church-goers prayed for the heavens to open up, with showers for those whose livelihoods depend on nature.

Friendship Baptist members in this farm community about 10 miles from downtown Maryville bowed heads and knelt in worship for their neighbors.

A dairy farmer who tends his herd next door to the church asked the pastor to lead prayers for rain. Pastor Scott Campbell preached Wednesday that when Elijah prayed that it would rain, God answered. So, members and guests prayed specifically for rain for the crops.

Pastor Campbell quoted scripture from the book of Mark, saying that when you have faith in your prayers, you will receive what you ask for.

"Perhaps you're here for the special time to pray with us for rain," Campbell said. "I'll tell you we know this, if rain's going to come and come in a big whiff, it have to come from God. That's right, amen."

"Well, I guess you pray everyday for it," farmer Mac Pate said.

"He tells us in the Word that what's impossible with you and I is possible with him, and we know that God can do all things, He's done it before and He can do it again," Campbell said.

Pastor Campbell preached of the importance of Wednesday night's request, saying the lack of rain ultimately affects us all, in the availability of food.

And before we left the church, members were reminded of a story of faith, which ended with the idea of that we should all begin carrying our umbrellas.

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