Coal to Liquid Fuel Debate

Pike County, Kentucky (WVLT) -- Some say it's an environmentally friendly process that could create new jobs, while cutting our nations dependence on foreign oil.

Technology to turn coal to liquid fuel has been around for more than 80 years, but with the nations current movement towards all things "green", coal supporters are pushing for politicians in Washington to look at Coal-to Liquid technology as a solution to the energy problem.

Coal critics fear the plants could double the amount of greenhouse gases and worsen global warming.

"They're talking about spending three billion dollars for a plant to convert this coal to coal fuel," said Brenda Urias who worries about coal's environmental risk. "Why not put that money to some other use for alternative energy?

"You have zero emissions, you're going to solve the energy problem, and you're not going to pollute the atmosphere," said Wayne Rutherford, Pike County Judge Executive and coal supporter.

The plants that convert coal to liquid fuel are expensive, but lawmakers have discussed offering tax breaks to promote construction.

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