Monroe County man seeks indictments on President Obama for treason

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MADISONVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Assaults, thefts, even murder cases routinely come before the Monroe County grand jury.

But today, the small town grand jury heard a big time case against the president of the United States.

Walt Fitzpatrick is dead serious.

He thinks the president is guilty of treason.

He wanted to take his case in front of the full grand jury.

But when he was only offered a panel of three, there were some fireworks.

"I need to know now. Tell me now what's going on now? says Walt Fitzpatrick to Monroe County Grand Jury Foreman Gary Pettway.

"Your choice is to go in when we take you in or stay out," says Pettway.

Taking his case before a three member grand jury panel instead of a full grand jury is not what Walt Fitzpatrick wanted to hear.

"I'm not here to play games with you. What's the deal?" asks Fitzpatrick.

"You need to calm down," says Pettway.

Fitzpatrick went to speak to the grand jury panel for nearly an hour and a half but wouldn't answer reporters questions.

"What do you want to tell them Mr. Fitzpatrick? Anything?" questioned WVLT Reporter Stephen McLamb to Fitzpatrick.

After his appearance he informed supporters they would only deal with the issue of the assistant attorney general and grand jury foreman's attempts to keep him from presenting his case.

But he maintains President Obama has no legitimate birth certificate.

"Mr. Obama is an infiltrator. Mr. Obama is my sworn enemy. Mr. Obama is not the legitimate commander in chief," says Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick hopes to get indictments against the president and his supporters agree.

"Well, I'd love to see it go to the federal level and I personally would love to see him escorted out of the White House in handcuffs," says Anthony Shreeve.

John Coker says, "Our government has absolutely taken over this country. We the people don't matter anymore."

While the grand jury will not deal with Fitzpatrick's case today, he plans to continue the fight.

"I am sworn to do an obedience to the constitution and do everything I can do to remove him from office, by force of war. And if not, then by force," says Fitzpatrick.

We've requested a comment from the White House but have yet to get a response.

Grand Jury Foreman Gary Pettway says the grand jury's findings will be revealed December 7th.

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